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Brewery mobile menu


Visiting Vendors

Give visiting vendors (i.e. food trucks) a menu on TableTab for guests to order from. 


Food Halls

Connect all vendors under a single guest tab, with accounting automated.

Brewery mobile menu


Shared Kitchens

Manage the whole shop as one cohesive establishment


Your Concept

Collaborating with multiple vendors on a new concept? We can help.


Use Case:
Faction Brewing

Multi Vendor Op: brewery + food trucks

Faction serves beer and rotates food trucks to offer guests food options. Faction needed a way for guests to start a tab and order between vendors simultaneously to cut wait times and increase sales volume. TableTab did just that, with no new hardware. Even better, TableTab segmented items by vendor to automate sales, tip, and tax accounting.

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Collaborative Features

Shared Menus 
Grant access to vendors' menus to show them alongside your own.
Segmented Accounting
Automatically segment accounting between different vendors.
Decide what controls to give yourself and those you're collaborating with.
Commission Option
Take a commission on tips, sales, etc. generated by other vendors.
Dynamic QR Codes
Unlimited vendors, just one table-specific QR code for easy access.
Custom Branding
Every vendor gets their own unique custom-themed menu.
Shared Menu Dashboard

Intuitive Guest Experience

No App or Account Needed

Scan, browse available menus and start a tab. That's it.

Ordering via TableTab is straightforward and user friendly. No downloading or account creation necessary. 

Tab-Like Ordering

Don't reorder all over again. Just add to your tab.

We're the only mobile ordering platform that allows guests to add to their tab without making an account.

Start a demo tab

Easy Operational Management

Simple Onboarding
All vendors have to do is create an account, upload their menu, and share it with you.
Platform Agnostic
It doesn't matter which systems you already have in place, we can work alongside them.
Printer Integration
We can split mobile orders by vendor and fire items directly to vendors' own printers.
Square POS Integration
Vendors using Square can import their Square menus and log our orders in their POS. 


A staffing stabilizer.

Jay brought TableTab to Oakland United Beerworks to free up staff across their multi-story floor plan. Soon after, they adopted multi-vendor to effortlessly integrate visiting food vendors to their operation.

Solving big pains...

Managing Multiple Vendors

Leave accounting & menu management behind.

We handle your accounting headaches, vendor payments, time spent managing menus and more. Seamlessly handle tasks that otherwise would bog you down in spreadsheets for hours.

Staffing & Customer Experience

Stabilize staffing and serve guests reliably.

TableTab's impact is often most clear when you're in the weeds. Mobile ordering frees up those on the floor to cover more tables at once. Guests love the extra attention from staff and the speed of ordering from us.

...and some smaller ones.

Timed Menus
Assign hours to menus so they only appear at a specific period.
Vendor Onboarding
Easily onboard new vendors and get them selling quick.
Order Throttling
Control the speed and flow of your kitchen with one button
Rotating Menus
Show the right menu at the right time via assigned times.
Inventory Control
86 items, put counts on low stock items and more.
Visual Branding
Our built in image editor prevents skewed or unsightly pics

Built to scale with enterprise-grade software

✅ Limitless vendors  |   ✅ Limitless guests   |   ✅ Limitless transactions   

Reliable Technology that Grows with You

Our backend servers grow alongside the growth of your operation, so no matter how many vendors or guests are part of your marketplace, our tech will be reliable.

Custom Workflows for Vendors

Every operation is unique, especially when collaboration occurs between vendors. So we provide custom options to control the order flow for different vendors.

24/7 Service Monitoring and Feature Rollouts

Building your own software, website and ordering system is hard! With scalable infrastructure, 24/7 service monitoring, and a steady stream of new features, we've got it covered.

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About TableTab


What is TableTab?

TableTab provides venues with state-of-the-art software to supercharge their existing operation. In an industry that has long been hindered by expensive and clunky hardware, TableTab's software-only approach aims to modernize businesses nationwide.


What is mobile ordering?

Mobile ordering is the process of ordering (and paying) for something on one's smartphone. Phones have become a point of sale like no other, and leveraging them for food and beverage sales puts businesses in a position to significantly increase revenue.