Mobile Menus for Dine-In & Takeout.

Save $300+/month, reduce time spent on menus 10x, and improve the guest experience.



Save on printing



Change menu instantly



Control from dashboard

Managing menus is unappetizing.

Menus are expensive.

Whether you change your offerings daily or find an annoying typo, printing is expensive and endless.

Making changes is a painful process.

Physical menus require reprinting for a single change. PDFs require restyling and re-uploading.

Information is limited.

Lack of space for pictures and other information  make it harder to explain your menu and upsell.

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What do we provide?

A beautiful and informative menu that's cheaper and easier to operate.

We give you a digital menu built for mobile so you can avoid the pains of managing your existing menu and improve the ordering experience for all.


  • Save $300+ monthly on printing costs
  • Reduce time spent on menus 10x
  • Improve the guest experience
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Transform your menu into something...




Bring your menu to life with a design you're excited to show off.



Create menu engagement (and easy marketing) with sharing features.



From close-ups to recommended pairings, inform and upsell naturally. 

...and control it with our all-in-one dashboard.



Take items offline or online instantly.

Change an item status to "off menu" to take that item off your digital menu instantly. 


Made for quick changes.

Every aspect of your menu can be easily accessed and altered on one screen, anywhere, anytime. 


A flexible central dashboard.

Any changes made to your menu via the dashboard will reflect on guests' phones immediately.

Claim your free digital menu

Bring your menus to life and manage them with ease. Built specifically for on-premise ordering, including dine-in and takeout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Our digital menus are free for anyone with access to this link.


I already have digital versions of my menu on delivery platforms, my website, etc. How is this different?

Compared to other digital versions of your menu, ours are:

  • specifically built for on-premise service to replace the menu you currently provide for dine-in and takeout.
  • instantly accessible for guests, without needing to sign into an app or provide login info.
  • considered by our restaurant partners the most beautiful digital menu interface in the industry.

How do I create a menu?

We provide three options for creating your digital menu:

  1. "Build Myself" - use our menu builder in the dashboard to create your menu.
  2. "Import" - if you have an UberEats menu, you can import it on our dashboard and have your digital menu ready in seconds.
  3. "Pre-Built Menu" - get our team to build your menu for you.

How can guests access my menu?

In the dashboard, you will have a unique downloadable QR code that anyone can scan to instantly access your menu.

For those unable to scan your QR code, the dashboard also provides a unique URL guests can enter for menu access.

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